George Stoltz

Dear Alumni, it is with sadness we are posting the message below sent to us by Chuck Shriver. George Stoltz graduated in 1962.

Hi all,

I don’t how many of you have received the news, but – if not – I am sorry to have to inform you that our friend and Northern Star alum George Stoltz passed away this past week at his home in Florida. 

After he retired about seven years ago, George and his wife, Sandy, sold their home in Barrington and embarked on a life-long dream. They became full-time RVers, travelling back and forth across and to most corners of  the continent, until they sold the RV and settled down in Florida. About a year ago, George was diagnosed with some kind of throat cancer. I really don’t know a lot the details about the specific type. George and I e-mailed back and forth a great deal until about a month ago. Unfortunately, despite a valiant battle, it got the better of him.

Sandy has informed me that George willed his body to science so his disease can be better understood, and there will be no obit. If you wish to send her condolences, her address is:

Sandy Stoltz, 4112 South Canton Terrace, Inverness, FL 34452

Another Northern Star alum has moved on. I guess we are to that point in our lives where this is going to happen more and more.

I am reminded of the last couple of lines of a poem which must have been written by an old curmudgeon like me:

“My memory shrinks, my hearing stinks, no sense of smell, I look like hell.

The Golden Years have come at last. The Golden Years can kiss my ass.”


Chuck Shriver